Claremorris Community Radio

Quack in the Park

Claremorris Community Radio

Claremorris Community Radio will be holding a family fun day (and fundraiser/profile raiser) in Clare Lake/Mahon Park in Claremorris on Saturday June 25th from 12 –4 pm.
Planned activities include live music, food stalls, duck-spotting and children’s activities. It’s called “Quack in the Park” because yellow rubber duckies are the mascots. Stay tuned for more!

Claremorris Community Radio can be found on 94.6 FM, or for those outside the catchment area of Claremorris/Knock/Ballindine you can listen live here . Cleo’s radio show is at 2pm on Sundays covering environmental issues, ecological issues, foodgrowing, communitarionism and music from different cultures and languages. Check it out and contribute!

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