Gardeners' Question Time

Gardeners’ Question Time

Mayo Organic Group

Our last meeting took place on Thursday 19th May and instead of our usual talk we held a Gardeners’ Question Time session with a panel of Joe, Alex, Rachel and Celia and it was an enormous success! This was our 1st visit to the Westport Woods Hotel and the questions prompted lively and informative discussions from the panel and the audience.

Asked if it is OK to add dandelion seed heads & flowers to a compost heap, the answers ranged from yes – if it is a hot heap – through to why bother, as you will undoubtedly have seeds coming in from elsewhere …and anyway dandelion are edible, the leaves work well in salads and the flowers can make wine & beer plus they are very important to bees and other pollinating insects as well as being very beautiful in early Spring.  And we also had an idea from Rachel for making a compost heap using horse or cow manure in a heap surrounded by walls of square straw bales which help the heap to heat up and the walls will also compost down. Alex commented on how lovely dandelion honey is.

A second question related to how to keep rabbits away from veg. Cleo suggested grow mostly perennials but other suggestions included surrounding the plants with onion skins or fish, blood & bone, or even using ferret poop! Perhaps a tea made from ferret poop might work as well.

Suggestions on how to eliminate land rushes ranged from #1 they make really great compost, cut them down & pile them up to provide a hillock into which to plant, #2 change the ph of the land by adding lime, #3 get animals which will eat the rushes, #4 make them into rush lights.

Members also brought surplus eggs and plants to trade and swap and we were delighted to welcome new members from Cong.

Looking forward to the next meeting on Thursday 16th June on Teas & Tisanes in Knock. Details to follow!

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